What Katie Wore: Demin Daze

It’s no secret that if our house went up in flames the first thing we would grab would be our stack of blue jeans (assuming, as it were, that we weren’t already pulling a Joey Tribbiani and wearing all of them).

While we have come to appreciate the unyielding power of statement pieces and we’re always happy to try a new trend, let’s face it – denim is comfortable and effortless in a way that our lives are not (which is really all it comes down to when the time comes to get dressed in the morning).

It’s just so easy. No matter what the season or its trends, denim makes the perfect companion.

But when is enough enough?

Recently, the apropos topic around here has been denim and just how much of it we actually wear. Despite owning an ungodly volume of jeans, we still find ourselves scouring the webpages of our favorite e-tailers looking for more. Our favorite past time is perusing the Net-A-Porter ‘Denim’ tab (hello, have you seen this feather-trimmed denim jacket?!). Hell, we can’t even stop talking about it (try to count on one hand how many articles we have written about denim here – don’t forget this one! Seriously, try.).

It’s just too easy to just throw on a pair of jeans in the morning, so we do. Does that make us lazy? Uninspired? Drones?

After several such conversations and a probing comment from a sister after a recent set of photoshoots (“Are all of your looks really based around denim?”), we committed ourselves to stepping outside the box, evolving our wardrobe and bringing the drama this season.

And then we found a pair of distressed jeans with chevrons down the back and fell right back down the rabbit hole…

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