Here is a cool video a fan took of Katie filming parts on Monte Carlo. Credit for the video to Sebl3275

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Again today Katie and her two co-stars were fiming part’s to Monte Carlo in and about Paris and x20 HQ candids from the day have bin added into the gallery as well as x040 MQ/HQ candids from Yesterdays filming have bin added to.

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Well June 15th has come and gone and still the DVD is not about so i did some looking over the site and According to the DVD will now come out on 31 December, 2025 Yes, you read that correctly, 2025. thats 15 years away, I have no ider what is going on with the DVD now or if it will see the light of day. As soon as there’s new information on this, it’ll be posted it here.

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Today Katie and her two Monte Carlo co-starts Selena Gomez and Leighton Meester have bin filming a part of the movie in good old Paris and Lots of new on set candids have come online from it. A total of x118 MQ/HQ candids were added into the gallery. And if you live in Paris the girls will be filming there till Friday.

The side entrance pops open with a bang and Selena Gomez, Leighton Meester and Katie Cassidy – intent upon escaping their tour group tour – come bursting out, rushing down steps. The director, Tom Bezucha, shouts “Cut!,” and the girls dissolve into giggles before, arms around each other, resuming their places for another take.

It was the scene at the Eiffel Tower early Monday morning as the shooting of Monte Carlo, a romantic comedy costarring Glee’s Corey Monteith, set for release next year.

After seven weeks filming together inside Budapest studios, one on set source tells PEOPLE, they couldn’t wait to get outside – even in near freezing temperatures. ‘They really get along really well. You can see they’ve gotten to be friends on this … It’s like a trip that way. There’s this chemistry and sometimes it’s almost conspiratorial, but these girls really adore each other.”

With Paris enduring unseasonably cold temperatures, Cassidy (who comes rushing barefoot down the steps in a light floral minidress, holding her platform heels) was immediately helped into a parka by Gomez while Meester stood by with her Uggs.

The film’s plotline revolves around “one of those inexpensive travel packages to France that sound too good to believe – and turns out to be,” another source on the set explains. Gomez, Gossip Girl’s Meester and Taken’s Cassidy “find themselves on one of those ‘No Time To Lose’ tours, with a terrible hotel and terrible food, and through a case of mistaken identity, wind up in Monte Carlo at a ball.”

Monteith joins the cast next Monday for two weeks filming in Monaco.

Gomez, Meester and Cassidy arrived in Paris on Saturday and immediately went to work: At the airport. Cameras were already in place at Charles De Gaulle airport’s Terminal 2E, as the trio arrived. Mirroring the experience of millions of tourists, cameras caught their arrival, Gomez in cowboy boots and jeans, struggling to reconnect with Cassidy at the baggage carousel, both meeting Meester on a skywalk and then boarding their fake Espirits de Corps Tours tour bus.

Taking them in her charge at the airport was popular French comedienne Valerie Lemercier, who plays their tour hostess.

Paris filming continues until Friday at the Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Notre Dame locations.

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Some time ago Access Hollywood did a interview with Katie and took you into “Ella’s” Melrose Place’ Wardrobe with Katie showing us some of the things she loved from the show. And after all this time we at last have both the caps and video for you all to look at and watch.

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According to listings, Katie’s 2007 movie You Are Here is at last seeing the light of day and is coming to DVD with a new name Spin, in which Katie stars as Apple opposite Bijou Phillips and Lauren German, It will be released on Region 1 / North American DVD on June 15 2010. The DVD isavailable for pre-order via their store. As of yet, there is no word on a Region 2 / European release

Love and lust are jockeying for position during one busy night at a hip dance club in this independent comedy-drama. Ryan (Patrick Flueger) is the house DJ at a nightspot in Los Angeles that is enjoying a brief moment as the hippest joint in town. Ryan carries a torch for Cassie (Lauren German), a waitress who is hoping to launch a career as an actress. However, Cassie isn’t as strongly attracted to Ryan, and she has no shortage of other potential suitors. As Ryan and Cassie try to sort out their feelings during one busy night, a number of other folks looking either for new love or a new hook-up make their way across the dance floor, including Tony (Michael Biehn), who has been propping up his failing film industry career with some illegal business; crystal meth enthusiast Delaney (Chris Lowell); Mick (Adam Campbell), who works his British charm for all it’s worth; and Aubrey (Bijou Phillips) and Apple (Katie Cassidy), who are friends with Cassie and are also struggling to get a break in show biz. You Are Here was the first feature film from writer and director Henry Pincus.

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The Teen Choice Awards has nominated both Katie and her movie A Nightmare on Elm Street for a Teen Choice Award. The 2010 Teen Choice Awards will premiere on Fox on August 9th at 8PM (EST).

Choice Movie Actress: Horror/Thriller
Katie Cassidy, A Nightmare on Elm Street
Megan Fox, Jennifer’s Body
Audrina Patridge, Sorority Row
Michelle Williams, Shutter Island
Rumer Willis, Sorority Row

Choice Movie: Horror/Thriller
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Paranormal Activity
Shutter Island
The Stepfather

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We have found one new amazing outtake of Katie and her Dad (David Cassidy) from her new People shoot. You can now see this beautiful picture in the gallery.

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Lot’s of new Behind The Scenes candids from Monte Carlo have come online. The first lot are fan candids from fans who have meet Katie at her hotel. The others are from when the girls Katie,Selena and Leighton were filming in West Railway Station, Budapest. Enjoy these.

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