According to listings, Katie’s 2007 movie You Are Here is at last seeing the light of day and is coming to DVD with a new name Spin, in which Katie stars as Apple opposite Bijou Phillips and Lauren German, It will be released on Region 1 / North American DVD on June 15 2010. The DVD isavailable for pre-order via their store. As of yet, there is no word on a Region 2 / European release

Love and lust are jockeying for position during one busy night at a hip dance club in this independent comedy-drama. Ryan (Patrick Flueger) is the house DJ at a nightspot in Los Angeles that is enjoying a brief moment as the hippest joint in town. Ryan carries a torch for Cassie (Lauren German), a waitress who is hoping to launch a career as an actress. However, Cassie isn’t as strongly attracted to Ryan, and she has no shortage of other potential suitors. As Ryan and Cassie try to sort out their feelings during one busy night, a number of other folks looking either for new love or a new hook-up make their way across the dance floor, including Tony (Michael Biehn), who has been propping up his failing film industry career with some illegal business; crystal meth enthusiast Delaney (Chris Lowell); Mick (Adam Campbell), who works his British charm for all it’s worth; and Aubrey (Bijou Phillips) and Apple (Katie Cassidy), who are friends with Cassie and are also struggling to get a break in show biz. You Are Here was the first feature film from writer and director Henry Pincus.

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The Teen Choice Awards has nominated both Katie and her movie A Nightmare on Elm Street for a Teen Choice Award. The 2010 Teen Choice Awards will premiere on Fox on August 9th at 8PM (EST).

Choice Movie Actress: Horror/Thriller
Katie Cassidy, A Nightmare on Elm Street
Megan Fox, Jennifer’s Body
Audrina Patridge, Sorority Row
Michelle Williams, Shutter Island
Rumer Willis, Sorority Row

Choice Movie: Horror/Thriller
A Nightmare on Elm Street
Paranormal Activity
Shutter Island
The Stepfather

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We have found one new amazing outtake of Katie and her Dad (David Cassidy) from her new People shoot. You can now see this beautiful picture in the gallery.

– Studio Photoshoots > Outtakes > 033

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Lot’s of new Behind The Scenes candids from Monte Carlo have come online. The first lot are fan candids from fans who have meet Katie at her hotel. The others are from when the girls Katie,Selena and Leighton were filming in West Railway Station, Budapest. Enjoy these.

– Movie Productions > Monte Carlo > Behind The Scenes/On Set
– Out & About > Out Side hotel in Budapest

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Over the last week Katie has bin added in a lot of new Twitther photos of her and the rest of the cast on the set of her new film Monte Carlo. As well as this i have added in all the other missing photos from her twitter and there were a lot of them.

On set with the girls

Tater…. :)

– Miscellaneous Photos > Kaite’s Twitter

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A big thanks to Becky for sending us in this, From her time of meeting Katie on the set of her new film Mone Carlo

The cast of Monte Carlo was shooting at Corvin last night, on Friday (may 25th) in Óbuda, Budapest.
Jenny, Dora and myself went out to the small street next to it, called Ponty street, because we heard they’ll have some scenes there before they’d go to Corvin. It was 3 in the afternoon, so still quite early. Unfortunately it was only some small crowd scene with a cab, and some antonym schoolgirls walking on the street. Since this half of Budapest is lying on a smaller mountain, the streets are bumpy, so they had quite a hard time to get everything just right. Above all that, after half an hour of shooting, it started raining.
We decided to walk back down to Corvin place. By the time the crewmen already started to build up two other sets for two different scenes down there.
One was an other crowd scene with people in a cafeteria, the other one was up on the upper side of the road, but we couldn’t see anything up there yet, except for microphones and some cameras already in place.

The first one to show up was Luke Bracey, who plays Leighton Meesters love interest. He has a very sweet australian accent, and he was so hot, that the temperature rose by his very presence.
By the time it was 8 o’clock, and we still haven’t seen neither Leight, nor Katie (we knew Selena won’t be there that day) but we kept holding on.
Then a motorcycle showed up, with two figures on it. One of them was wearing a grey bathrobe and a blue helmet, the other one was Luke Bracey. The one in the blue helmet was Leighton. They started shooting a small scene where Leight and Luke were riding on the bike, up to the other place we couldn’tse before that.
Some stupid people from the crowd that stood with us was stupid enough, to take photos with flashlight on, so the crew people sent us further back, and we couldn’t see anything. That was, when we decided, to go to the other side of the place, the one, with the “cafeteria” building and the crowd scene. When we got there, people told us, that Katie walked by a few minutes before we got there. We were quite sad, but in a few minutes she showed up again, in a beautiful yellow prom dress, but she couldn’t stop by, she had work to do, so we waited on, and on…

At about half past ten, Leighton came over to us, still wearing the same robe she wore before, and she signed us every single piece of paper we gave her. She seemed very tired, but was very nice, and we could even took photos with her.

Then we waited…
And we waited…

It was three in the morning, when Katie finally showed up again. All along she was filming a scene with Leighton up there on the steps, at the other set.
She couldn’t see us, but I called out ‘Hey Katie’, and she turned immediately, said hi, and I asked her, if we could get autographs. She was still wearing that amazing dress, but had a grey jacket over it, because it was freezing cold. ‘Just a sec,’ she said, she grabbed some food and a cup of hot tea, and in a sec she stood in front of us, was talking to us. ‘Are you guys having fun?’, she asked, then we explained that we were waiting for her for about ten hours now, and she was like ‘Ten hours? That’s so long!’ she seemed amazed, or simply just thought we were totally insane. She gave us autographs, and we got to take photos with her too. My girlfriend unintentionally stepped on her dress, and she was like ‘It’s okay, no problem!’ then wished us a good night, thanked for being there, and went back to the set.

And do you guys know, what’s the best thing about seeing Katie in person? She’s like any people you meet. She behaves like she wouldn’t be the actress from our favorite tv-shows or anything. She treats you like a human being, that’s how she thanks, for treating her like that too. She’s definitely the nicest star I’ve ever met.

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Thanks to Jem, we now have UHQ scans of Katie from this months Shape – June 2010 Magazine. Katie looks gorgeous in these photos posing as Farrah Fawcett and Brigitte Bardot. If/when the outtakes come online i will add them in.

– Magazine Scans > Shape – June 2010

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I at last got my hands on the Stunning outtakes from US Weekly. She looks so gorgeous, the photo has bin added into the gallery!

– Studio Photoshoots > Outtakes > 031

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The first on set photos of Katie from her new movie Monte Carlo are now up in the gallery for you all. Credit for these photos go’s to llejja and Becky

– Movie Productions > Monte Carlo > Behind The Scenes/On Set

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