At long last the first three movie stills from Katie’s upcoming remake ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ have come online and two of them have Major Spoilers in them as to what happens to ‘Kris’ in the film and its not good.

- Movie Productions > A Nightmare on Elm Street > Movie Stills

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Please befor you read this it has a Major Spoiler in it

Ella, who in real life is Katie Cassidy, talked about the updated version of the the classic sequence where her character is levitated out of bed and brutalized:

“I did have a stunt double, but for the most part I wanted to do as much as I possibly could. The physicality of it, it was hard being on a harness and being thrown around the room, jerked up and down, and being slashed in the chest. The blood was everywhere; it was pretty emotionally and physically draining. Though, I look back and I’m sure it is going to look amazing, I mean we saw this reel and it just all made sense to me in my head, I thought, ‘oh yeah, this is why I am doing this!’ It looked brilliant, just the way he [Sam Bayer] cut it together. I thought this is definitely worth it, I got to go through with it and finish it up without having to give it all to my stunt double. You know, a lot of actors just give it all to the stunt doubles, but I didn’t want to do that. So after the whole thing I was all bruised, and it was physically hard on my body, but it was cool to say these are my battle wounds from my job!”

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I at last got time to rip and add in the ‘Harper’s Island’ DVD Bonus Features that Katie was in, The making off and casting are only of Kaite’s parts but all the rest are full videos. I will be adding in more Harper’s Island caps soon as well as make a start on Melrose Place. One more thing i have now made it so any one can now see the videos you don’t have to log in now.

- Harper’s Island > DVD Bonus Features Videos

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Violet (Ashlee Simpson-Wentz) asks Auggie (Colin Egglesfield) to leave town with her. Amanda (Heather Locklear) puts Ella (Katie Cassidy) in charge of a lavish party at her house to celebrate the arrival of her billionaire boyfriend Ben (guest star Billy Campbell).

However, after Amanda spies Ella and Ben together in a compromising position, she lashes out. Meanwhile, Riley (Jessica Lucas) asks Jonah (Michael Rady) if they can start over. Shaun Sipos and Stephanie Jacobsen also star.

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Melrose Place: The CW is waiting to see how it does in the ratings when Melrose returns March 9, my moles tell me. However, the prospects at this time are pretty grim. So far this season, M.P. has been pulling in about 1.7 million viewers for original episodes and 700,000 for repeats. Reruns of Vampire Diaries have been doing better than new episodes of Melrose Place.

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As you can all see there is a new look up at ‘Katie Cassidy Online’ this kick ass look was done by dirtylittlesecret-designs and i just love it. And I’m very sorry about the downtime last night my host was doing work and some sites when down for a tiime but all is good now.

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Harper’s Island just came out here in the UK this week and at last HMV have sent me my cope of it so i have just capped all the DVD Bonus Features for you all with 4 making offs and 5 Deleted Scene -that Katie was in and next week i will be adding videos from all of these too so keep looking back for them. A total of x365 HQ screen caps have bin added into the gallery, Enjoy these! and i will be to soon recapping all of Harper’s Island with DVD HQ caps.

- Harper’s Island > DVD Bonus Features Casting Harper’s Island
- Harper’s Island > DVD Bonus Features One By One – The Making Of Harper Island
- Harper’s Island > DVD Bonus Features Guess Who?
- Harper’s Island > DVD Bonus Features The Grim Reaper
- Harper’s Island > DVD Bonus Features Deleted Scene – Whap
- Harper’s Island > DVD Bonus Features Deleted Scene – Crackle
- Harper’s Island > DVD Bonus Features Deleted Scene – Ka-Blam
- Harper’s Island > DVD Bonus Features Deleted Scene – Bang
- Harper’s Island > DVD Bonus Features Deleted Scene – Gasp

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Some months ago Katie post on her twitter that she was doing a photoshoot for ” and at last it’s here with what i think are some of Katie’s best photos to this date. A total of x005 MQ scans have bin added into the gallery. I will keep a eye out for outtakes from this. And thanks to sonja for the heads up on these.

- Magazine Scans > Cosmopolitan – March 2010

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