I have just found some new and at this time unknown outtakes of Katie that were taken some time this year in New York, The only bad news is there so Lq and small i do know were to get the Mq verisons but at this time there is just no why to get them but i will keep trying. I’m just in love with this shoot of her, it’s just so amazing and cute. 014 photos have been added to the gallery, enjoy!

Edit: Now have them in Mq, Enjoy

– Studio Photoshoots > Outtakes > Photoshoot Session #38

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“[Cory Monteith] would have to strangle me and drag me there! Singing is not my thing. I love the show! But I could never do it.”

—Katie Cassidy when we asked whether her next career move may include a Glee appearance

Katie filmed Monte Carlo with Cory recently, and, while the two were pals offscreen too, it doesn’t sound like she will be following in Gwyneth Paltrow’s shoes.

Now that Katie is done with her Gossip Girl stint, we need to see that pretty face of hers somewhere on the boob tube. Maybe Lea Michele could give her a tune-up?

Credit: E!Online

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If there is a Season 5, fans may see the return of the show’s most recent villain, Juliet (Katie Cassidy). When asked if we’ve seen the last of the poor girl out for revenge (and a penchant for drugging via masks), Savage teases, “We definitely left the door open to bring her back at some point.”

So how does Savage think Juliet added to the “Gossip Girl” dynamic? “I think she brought, on the one hand, a great schemer energy of someone who was really driven by an agenda, very smart, very manipulative and really on par with our characters,” she explains. “On the other hand, she also brought this tragic backstory and a real vulnerability that when we actually found out what was motivating her agenda against Serena and our other characters, you felt a little sorry for her. We really love the complication of that story.”

While most villains on the show get a four or five-episode arc, Juliet lasted eleven, which played a huge part in the casting of Cassidy. “We felt so confident in her abilities that we felt we could commit to a longer arc and tell a story that lasted the first whole half of the season and is going to continue in the second half.”

Finally, we asked Savage where she would rank Juliet on “GG’s” very long list of villains. “I think she ranks pretty high up there,” she says with a laugh. “Certainly she and Georgina (Michelle Tratchenberg) are probably our best all-time villains. At that point it comes down to preference.” Later, she adds that dear old Uncle Jack Bass (Desmond Harrington) is also up there with the “epic” antagonists of the show.

Credit: blog.zap2it.com

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Back last month Katie was in Gotham magazine and now I have finally got my hands on some new and just gorgoeus outtakes from the shoot that she did for the spread. I really love this shoot, it’s so amazing she just looks so elegant. Two photos have been added to the gallery, enjoy!

– Studio Photoshoots > Outtakes > Photoshoot Session #37

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Two new very Lq movie stills from Katie’s upcoming movie Monte Carlo have bin added into the gallery. Katie looks gorgeous in them now we just need them in Hq.

– Movie Productions > Monte Carlo > Movie Stills

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I’ve just added in lot of new photos from various events Katie has attended during this past year, as well as one new event we did not have up in the gallery Diane Von Furstenberg – Private Dinner. I have more from 2009 coming soon, so check in every now and again. Enjoy these!

– Public Events > 2010 > Diane Von Furstenberg – Private Dinner
– Public Events > 2010 > People’s Choice Awards (UHQ)
– Public Events > 2010 > Jason Wu – Spring 2011
– Public Events > 2010 > QVC 2010 Fashion Show (HQ)
– Public Events > 2010 > Diane Von Furstenberg – Spring 2011 (HQ)
– Public Events > 2010 > The Cinema Society & OC Concept Screening Of “RED”
– Public Events > 2010 > ELLE Celebrates 25 Years and The Launch Of ELLEments Of Personal Style
– Public Events > 2010 > GQ 2010 “Men Of The Year” Party
– Public Events > 2010 > US Weekly’s Hot Hollywood “Stars Who Care” Event
– Public Events > 2010 > 2011 Golden Globe Awards Season And Miss Golden Globe Announcement Party (HQ)

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As i said in my last update Katie attended and was honored at the 2010 Hollywood Style Awards in Los Angeles. Katie was just stunning in her black black lace dress and had at Monte Carlo co-stars Cory and Selena to support her. A mix of over 120 Hq & Mq Photos from the event have been added to the gallery. Enjoy!

– Public Events > 2010 > 2010 Hollywood Style Awards

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