The co-stars may be frenemies on Gossip Girl, but in real life they’re super close!

Katie Cassidy may be the new girl on the block, but the star says she’s having no problem adjusting to NYC life thanks to her close pal Leighton Meester! “I knew most of them before we started shooting but I’m really close to Leighton Meester. She’s definitely someone I spend a lot of time with,” she said when we spoke to the star as Elie Tahari and Ronald Frasch celebrated the opening of the Elie Tahari boutique at Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC on Oct. 19. Clad in a sequin mini from the designer, the newest member of the Gossip Girl cast looked gorgeous.

So, what does the duo do when they aren’t working? “She takes me to a bunch of restaurants, I love the West Village.” According to Katie, the pair bonded while recently filming the movie Monte Carlo.

“I’m really close with her because we just did a movie over in Europe recently, so we literally went from Europe straight to New York.”

While the star crossed coasts after her stint on Melrose Place for her Gossip Girl role, she said she’s really loving her new gig and her new city — I’m sure having her pal show her around has something to do with it!


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Last night Katie attended the The Cinema Society & OC Concept Screening in New York City, she looked so amazing in her beautiful dress and elegant style. Mq Photos from the event have been added to the gallery.

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Katie was on Good Day LA today, she talked about Gossip Girl, her dad, her charity work for H.E.L.P. (Hope, Educate, Love, Protect) and her carreer upto now.

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Katie last night did a new photo update on her official twitter with a little cute and funney photo of her and boyfriend. And i added in the one missing photo that she post last week.

This is my sexy ass bf

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Katie was on the Gossip Girls set yesterday fliming more parts of was show, I have added in 008 HQ candids of Katie walking to set and look she is in black not that dame gray that Juliet keeps having on.

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Here is a new video Interview with Katie that TV Guide did about Gossip Girl, she talks about playing the ‘bad girl,’ the challenges of working outside in NY and more! And i like the little behind the scenes Supernatural clip they put into it.

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Screen captures from last night’s Gossip Girl episode “4×05 – Goodbye, Columbia” have been added to the gallery. Enjoy! And I will try my best to get the videos from this and last weeks up very soon. And remember that there is No new Gossip Gril next weeks and it will be back on October 21st.

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Katie is still in New York at the mo filming more parts for Gossip Gril and she was on set on Ocober 07th filming in the exact same blue ballgown that Taylor Momsen and Blake Lively were wearing days before, Why you ask were this may help.

Cue the horror music: Little J is back on Gossip Girl and totally going all Single White Female on Serena! How else can you explain the photos that were just snapped on set of Taylor Momsen and Blake Lively wearing the exact same ballgown? Actually, we have the inside scoop from sources. But first a warning: Spoiler Alert!

According to my source, Jenny’s same-dress (and in one photo, she’s wearing a mask!) masquerade is all part of Juliet’s (Katie Cassidy) master plan to take down Serena. Yeah, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, Juliet is out for some cold hard revenge, and I’m told she’ll end up recruiting not-so-little-anymore Jenny Humphrey—and another major character—in her grand scheme. Any guesses on who that other character is? I’m all ears…
source: E!Online

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Here is a new video from with Katie and Kellan with a little look at part of the upcoming A Nightmare On Elm Street Bonus Features. In this at the start you can see what i can only think is parts from the Alternate Opening there were bits from it to in the Teaser Trailer.

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