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Tv Guide has at last put up all its photoshoots it did at last years Comic-Con 2014 and with a big thanks to Stefanie Scott Online we now have the photos has four new HQ outtakes from the shoot up now in are gallery.

01.jpg 01.jpg 01.jpg 01.jpg

– Studio Photoshoots > Portraits > Comic-Con 2014

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Warner Bros Home Entertainment has just announced the release date and extras for the Complete Third Season of Arrow on both Blu-Ray and DVD

Just in time for Arrow’s fourth season on The CW, viewers can catch up with the action-packed series as Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and DC Entertainment release Arrow: The Complete Third Season on Blu-rayTM and DVD on September 22, 2015. Averaging 4.2 million viewers weekly for each original episode, Arrow is The CW’s #2 show among Total Viewers, behind only The Flash! The release contains all 23 thrilling episodes from the third season that will have you on the edge of your seat, plus almost three hours of extra content, including episode commentaries, featurettes, deleted scenes, and a gag reel. Arrow: The Complete Third Season is priced to own at $59.98 SRP for the DVD and $60.10 SRP for the Blu-ray.

Oliver Queen’s Arrow has become a hero to the citizens of Starling City – but he will quickly discover that doesn’t mean he can lead a normal life in the spectacular third season of the hit series based on the DC Comics character. A new wave of diabolical masterminds – including the insidious and pervasive havoc wrought by the lethal and secretive League of Assassins – threatens all he holds dear. Team Arrow has grown into a powerful force, but the dangers and secrets that bind them together often put them at odds with each other, as the shadows cast by Malcolm Merlyn and the omnipotent Ra’s al Ghul trigger shifts in loyalties and alliances that test them to their core. For matchless heroism under fire, this action-packed 5-disc, 23-episode Season Three can’t be beaten!
With Blu-ray’s unsurpassed picture and sound, Arrow: The Complete Third Season Blu-ray release will include 1080p Full HD Video with DTS-HD Master Audio for English 5.1. The 4-disc Blu-ray will feature a high-definition Blu-ray and a Digital HD copy of all 23 episodes from Season Three.
Arrow stars Stephen Amell (Private Practice), Katie Cassidy (Gossip Girl, Melrose Place), David Ramsey (Blue Bloods, Dexter), Willa Holland (The O.C.), Emily Bett Rickards (Flicka: Country Pride), Colton Haynes (Teen Wolf, The Gates), with John Barrowman (Desperate Housewives, Doctor Who), and Paul Blackthorne (The River). Based on the characters from DC Comics, Arrow is produced by Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television, with executive producers Greg Berlanti (The Flash, Everwood, Brothers & Sisters), Marc Guggenheim (Eli Stone), Andrew Kreisberg (The Flash) and Sarah Schechter (The Flash).

Second Skins: Creating The Uniforms of Arrow
Nanda Parbat: Constructing The Villain’s Lair
Two Arrow Audio Commentaries
Arrow at Comic-Con 2014
The Man Beneath the Suit – Atom’s First Flight
Gag Reel
Deleted Scenes

You can Pre-Order the set in the US Here on Blu-Ray for $44.96 and Here on DVD for $39.96. And the set in the UK Here on Blu-Ray for $29.99 and Here on DVD for $21.99.

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lindsayshalstead – Marc, please tell us you’re going to explore Laurel/Oliver again? At least as friends, please it’s like you forgot s1 ever happened or that Laurel is part of Oliver :/
Marc Guggenheim – There will be more Oliver/Laurel scenes this year.

iamthawingiwasperfect – Will we have any sisterly moments between Thea and Laurel in season 4? It’s been sometime since we’ve last seen them having a sister/sister moment.
Marc Guggenheim – Yes. Lots.

darkbelieverange – Hi, Marc, can we expect more kick ass scenes from Laurel this season? Thanks!
Marc Guggenheim – Yes. Much more.

kidsflash – Will we be seeing more Laurel in s4?
Marc Guggenheim – Yes.

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Looks like Arrow’s season 3 bloopers have been released and you can watch it bellow! Its absolutely hilarious and you just can’t help but love this cast more and more. Enjoy!

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When it comes to summer vacation, there are two ways to go: Venture outside for some physical activity or a cultural experience (exploring the city of Buenos Aires, for instance, or hiking your way through the Alps of Peru), or gleefully loosen your grip on reality, say, by running off to the beach and spending days in a lounge chair, reading your newest fiction find, piña colada in hand. We have, of course, always embraced the latter option, and judging by the surplus of bathing suits, sunscreen and flatforms that put the “sand” in sandals, that relaxation maximization attitude isn’t going anywhere.

While we have plans to explore the world in a month or two and get our active fix, right now our focus is simply on putting our feet as high up as we can conceivably get them and clothing as relaxed as we can find it – which for now simply means bathing suits for bras and pants with a crotch that is nowhere near ours.

Sure, we will need to think about adding structure to our days (and wardrobe) in a few days time, so as not to imply that we have altogether abandoned our responsibilities and adopted a completely bohemian lifestyle. But we’re not there just yet… What say we circle back around next week and see where we stand?

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TKC: Do you look for style inspiration anywhere or do you just wear whatever the hell you want?
DP: I do look for inspiration. Every time I see Katie I wonder “can I pull that look off??”

– Studio Photoshoots > Tombo KC > Set 072

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Memorial Day is just around the corner and there’s not much time left to get your summer beach body ready. Luckily, we caught up with the stunning Katie Cassidy at the CW Upfronts Red Carpet event and she gave us the 411 on what it really takes to get in tip-top shape for the summer. From her workout regimen to her daily diet—here’s what the Arrow actress had to say.

“Workout wise, I always think it’s good to keep your body guessing,” Cassidy told InStyle. You won’t catch the 28-year-old doing the same routine over and over. She’s constantly mixing things up explaining, “I do spin—love it. I do yoga—love it. And I’m also into old-school weightlifting.” Cassidy skips the little 5 and 10 pound dumbbells and instead reaches for heavier weights. She added, “At my peak, I want to say I was lifting about 25 pounds for bicep curls.” She might have a small frame, but the star reminds us that she has to stay strong for her role on Arrow. She confessed,”I’m also in training for the show, so playing a superhero requires big muscles.”

Cassidy naturally complements her intense workouts with a balanced diet. “It’s a lot of protein, vegetables, greens and skipping the red meat. I’ve been like that for a very long time; it’s just a personal preference,” she says

Although Cassidy prefers to change up her workouts, she keeps her first meal of the day consistent saying, “I always do the same breakfast: smoked salmon, poached eggs, avocado, multi-grain toast, grapefruit juice, and coffee.” For lunch she says, “I try to do greens again, but then I’ll try to put some sort of protein on there.” And her dinner depends on the mood she’s in. “I do a lot of brown rice, pasta, or chicken, and then some sort of vegetable.”

As for her go-to snacks, “I love almonds and fruit. They’re both super good for you so, I’m always snacking on one or the other.”

Exercise and healthy eating aren’t Cassidy’s only concern for getting ready for the summer. She revealed to InStyle,”It’s important for me to also live a happy, healthy, and full life. Your energy, mind, and body totally connect.”


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I at last found some time and have added in part three of Arrow season one in 1080p Bly-Ray for you all with six new episodes, And they are 1×12 – Vertigo, 1×13 – Betrayal, 1×14 – The Odssey, 1×15 – Dodger, 1×16 – Dead To Rights and 1×17 – The Huntress Returns. The last part of season one will be up very soon then work will start on season two. But till then enjoy these caps!

– Arrow > Season 1 > Bly-ray Screen Captures > 1×12 – Vertigo
– Arrow > Season 1 > Bly-ray Screen Captures > 1×13 – Betrayal
– Arrow > Season 1 > Bly-ray Screen Captures > 1×14 – The Odssey
– Arrow > Season 1 > Bly-ray Screen Captures > 1×15 – Dodger
– Arrow > Season 1 > Bly-ray Screen Captures > 1×16 – Dead To Rights
– Arrow > Season 1 > Bly-ray Screen Captures > 1×17 – The Huntress Returns

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When we hear the word matching, thoughts race back to a time filled with printed Keds and coordinating belts. A time when wearing a caramel-colored handbag with shoes of another hue was considered a faux pas of the highest order. But times change.

For the last decade, in order to achieve any sense of sartorial balance it seemed obvious that leathers needed to clash and patterns were worth nothing if not mixed. The idea of matching had been filed away with blue eyeshadow and our NKOTB posters, never to be seen again. Or so we thought.

But seeing as how last month we donned neon to watch a bunch of 40 year old men dance around to 80’s tunes andRochas re-imagined the value of blue above your baby blues, we shouldn’t be surprised that buying matching separates has a sudden novelty. Like the return of neon in 2011, the spread of coordinated vestments has gained such traction that a time when we would buy a top even though the corresponding shorts weren’t available in our size seems like a bad dream. A bad dream full of sloppy trousseau and overloaded senses.

The evolution of our thinking is helped by the introduction of separates that scream Taylor Swift rather than mother of the bride. Think crop tops and identical printed pencil skirts, boxed t’s and matching shorts. Getting dressed has never been so simple.

On the other end of the wardrobe, however, through even the most harmonized attire, we can’t help but wonder how long this fascination with matching will last. Fashion is fickle, so only time will tell. But until our love affair fades and the modernity of matching is laughable, we are gonna ride the sea of simplicity full sails ahead.