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Katie just post some new behind the scenes photos of her self at the Influence magazine photoshoot she just did. No word on were the magazine will be out but I would think within the next two/three months.

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Ramirez has been cast as Ted “Wildcat” Grant on the upcoming third season of the CW‘s Arrow. The show’s executive producer Marc Guggenheim announced at Comic-Con this past weekend that the character would be introduced on the show in Season 3 but did not reveal casting information. The role is envisioned as a potentially recurring. In the DC Comics, Ted Grant is a member J.R. Ramirez Wildcat Arrow CWof the Justice Society for America, as well as the mentor and trainer of other masked vigilantes including the Black Canary.

In Arrow, Grant will be a former boxer who now runs a gym for underprivileged youth. A man with a mysterious past, he will play a pivotal role in Laurel Lance’s arc this season. Wildcat is one of two major DC comic book characters to be added to Arrow this coming seaso, along with villain Ra’s al Ghul. This marks Ramirez’s return to the CW where he recurred on Emily Owens, MD. The actor, repped by Mavrick Artists and manager Marie Mathews, has been recurring on Starz’s drama Power.


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Everyone has a fashion kryptonite – that one category of clothing that, no matter how many you have in your closet, each different iteration seems new and exciting enough to swipe that plastic and swipe it fast. Your kryptonite is usually something that makes you feel the three C’s: comfortable, confident and cool. For us, graphic T’s and denim are decidedly those things. Perhaps it is because they can be dressed up, down and every which way to Friday, or maybe it is simply because there isn’t a single ensemble that we don’t think a graphic T or denim could be incorporated into (go ahead, try us). Whatever the case may be, we rarely find something in either category that doesn’t send us into a frenzied “add to cart” situation. They get us every single time. And despite what the men in our lives say, each pair of jeans and every t-shirt we come running home waving like a victory flag is SO not the same as anything else in our closet. We promise.

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in 2012 Katie filmed a small movie called The Scribbler that was based on a graphical novel and at last the trailer for it has come online. Katie stars as Suki who has multiple personalities and is trying an experimental new procedure known as “The Siamese Burn, with her co-stars being Eliza Dushku, Michelle Trachtenberg and Sasha Grey in a thriller, No date yet for the movie but it should be out by the end of this year.

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Entertrainment Weekly just post it’s new Portraits for Comic-Con and Katie and the cast of Arrow are in one photo.

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Entertainment Weekly’s had it’s Annual Comic Con party on saturday night and Katie and some of her co-stars were at the event. HQ photo’s from the event are now up in the gallery.

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After having to miss day one and the arrow panel/fan autos. Katie did make it to day two and the big Warner Bros. Television & DC Entertainment World Premiere Presentation as well as doing some photoshoots and interviews. Some photos from the event and panel are now up in the gallery.

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